Vaseline and Lemon for Dark Circles

Vaseline and Lemon for Dark Circles

Vaseline can assist you with reducing the dark circles under your eyes. As we all know, Vaseline contains vitamin E and C in large quantities, so it’ll make your skin sticky, and during this way, it’ll even be helpful in reducing dark circles. Besides, lemon juice, olive oil can be good for your eyes, also, there are many other factors that can cause dark circles under the eyes, such as allergy and alcohol, or stress, lack of sleep.

For your situation, lack of sleep is a big problem. So you should also pay attention to it. If the situation is serious, you may go to the doctor and ask him to help you.

Although using petroleum jelly will help with the dark circles under the eyes, it will not get rid of them. The chemical name of petroleum jelly is glycerin. It is very stable. After eating the petroleum jelly, which could also be assumed, it will not be digested and absorbed without harm to humans. It can be melted in water, which does help the body’s digestive system to make the skin smooth. It will indirectly cause the blood circulation to go on fast, which can solve the symptom of dark circles under the eyes.

Vaseline cannot help you reduce dark circles under the eyes. If you want to reduce the dark circles under the eyes, you better keep enough sleep and make a good lifestyle. For example, you should try to control the time you spend on computers and TVs. Go to bed early and get up early. You should also control your consumption of alcohol.

Your dark circles are dark and lemon is a skin brightener. But the skin around the eyes has been proved to be very thin and sensitive. And lemon is rough because it is acidic. Also, lemon is very drying. So the skin around your eyes becomes extremely dry and irritated and looks dull.

When people get dark circles under their eyes, they are advised to moisturize that area to make it look plump. But with lemon, whatever little brightening effect lemon will have due to the dullness and dryness lemon will cause off-set. Your skin will remain the same. It may even become duller, flakier, and thinner. Dark circles are caused by broken capillaries under thin skin, lemon can only lighten the skin. The best home remedy for dark circles is to use black or green tea bags, and always REST.

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