The cosmetics world

Cosmetics is currently amongst the largest industries in the world. With a market value of 380 billion dollars, this industry stands amongst the most competitive and widespread industries around the globe. Every corner of the world has some small business or online platform based on the cosmetic industry. This industry has catered to large-scale international businesses that spread in hundreds of countries and have a global impact on the market. Cosmetics might have the widest range of audience, with new and innovative products being introduced around the globe every day this industry has become a magnet for the global population.

Major Branches: The cosmetic business can be majorly divided into three different sections. Skin health care products, hair health care products and, makeup and accessories. Some of the big names in the cosmetic industries such as Neutrogena, L’Oreal Paris, Johnson & Johnson, Nivea, and Chanel, etc. are responsible for the manufacturing of one of the most premium products.

  • SKINCARE PRODUCTS: This section of cosmetics generally deals with the manufacturing and distribution of cosmetic products that are beneficial for skin health and skincare. These products can prove very efficient in turning the skin healthy and clear with a soft glowing finish. Products such as purifying cleansers, glow tonics, face masks, hyaluronic acid, creams, and serums such as for acne, under eyes, etc. are some of the products that are being globally used for skincare and make up a large percentage of the cosmetic products being manufactured today.

  • HAIR PRODUCTS: This part of the cosmetic market is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of products for hair cleansing and to improve hair health resulting in thick, shiny and strong hair with improved hair growth. Products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair tonics, hair strengtheners, and relaxers, etc. are highly demanded by the cosmetic industry and are products that are used on daily basis resulting in huge market demand and supply. 
  • MAKEUP AND ACCESSORIES: Foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, perfumes, lipsticks are just a few names off the never-ending list of cosmetic products dealing in makeup and additional accessories. This is by the most demanded, exclusive, and premium sector of the cosmetic industry that attracts the major female audience in the market worldwide.

Such a massive industry requires an equally competitive distribution network and as expected the cosmetic industry has one of the largest global distribution networks, from retail shops to online platforms. One such company recognized throughout Pakistan is the BIOCOS. This online service distributes every kind of cosmetic product originating from a broad range of brands. With their exclusive deals and wholesales, they provide amazing offers and cheap products and deliver for free throughout Pakistan ranging from national to international products.

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