Repairing Hand and Feet Mask

Biocos offers repair masks for hands and feet at amazing prices on the market. This moisturizing foot mask helps to repair and soothe dry and tired feet. They help repair extra dry skin to leave your feet softer and smoother. This foot mask is easy to use. Simply wash and dry your feet, apply the mask for 10 minutes and remove.

We spent a fair amount of time researching and found that this hand and foot mask is formulated to intensely moisturize and help repair problematic skin.

We offered this pair of moisturizing foot masks that are blended and enriched with shea butter and prebiotic oats. Our team developed this mask to balance the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which is necessary to maintain skin hydration and radiance. It is clinically proven to be gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin. It is very easy to use and contains no parabens or fragrances.

We recommend buying hand and foot masks with prebiotic oatmeal, which soothes dry skin and moisturizes very effectively, leaving skin visibly soft, smooth, and healthy. This mask is enriched with shea butter and prebiotic oats, which have been known for years for their soothing and nourishing properties. This amazing repairing hand and foot mask are uniquely formulated to balance the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It is designed for single use and works in just 10 minutes, with no need to rinse after removal.

This repairing mask for hands and feet provides intense hydration to the feet. The highly compatible formula makes this product suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, this mask repairs very dry and damaged feet such as cracked heels right from the first application, so it is especially recommended for these skin problems. It also repairs and protects your feet with a clinically proven “bandage” effect for up to 48 hours. Thanks to its highly compatible formula, this product is also suitable for sensitive skin. At last, you will find your feet relieved, look visibly smoother, very softer, and completely protected from external aggressions.

This miracle mask is made of glycerine, which attracts moisture from the air and fixes it on the skin, leaving it hydrated and protected from external aggressions. It is very easy to use: simply insert a disposable mask into each previously cleaned foot and fasten the band for more comfort. Remove it after 10 minutes. No rinsing is required. Massage the remaining product into the skin until fully absorbed. Put your hands away and feel relieved. Pamper your feet with our clinically proven, repairing foot mask for intense hydration.

It instantly soothes and relieves dry, uncomfortable feet. Especially recommended for dry skin and cracked heels, it intensely nourishes and helps repair the skin, leaving your feet visibly softer and smoother. This 10-minute hand mask magically helps repair extra dry, problem skin and is very result-oriented. It even leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft because it is enriched with prebiotic oat and shea butter which is known for its numerous properties, it has been found to help repair extra dry and problematic skin in just 10 minutes.

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