Moisturizing Serum

It is seen that when someone is constantly dealing with dry, tight, and flaky sort of skin, then the quest for having the right skincare products can be quite frustrating. Whether the available moisturizers usually perform a good job and keep your skin plump and hydrated.  There are days when your skin required some extra care and pampering or even attention. When snow season comes in and makes your skin gets blasted with icy cold air and indoor heating on a daily basis to some extent. This is the right time when serums and boosters are considered the most.

Most of us typically rely on moisturizers and different branded face oils to keep our skin moisture but those who keep on looking for serious hydration are recommended to add a more targeted approach towards serums and boosters offer from time to time. The most remarkable difference is that the serums tend to penetrate deeper into the dermis. However, on the other hand, they act more on the surface of the skin and help in repairing the dry skin and decreasing scaling.

There is a good heap of products in the market that is making the choice too difficult, here Biocos has offered the Moisturizing Serum to make this all hassle-free. If you pay close attention to the ingredients listed on the labels. While most serums contain multitasking ingredients that promote better skin health. Ingredients that retain and draw moisture from the air and the dermis to better quench the topmost layer of the skin.

The hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, argan oil, and ceramides, adding that when it comes to consistency, water-based serums are best as they tend to spread quickly and absorb into the skin with ease. Picking out the best face serum for your dry skin, we have offered the required ingredients that are fair enough to deliver mega-moisture and hydration.

Starting with a clean base is key when using any skincare product, so it’s best to apply your serum after gently cleansing and toning your skin. A serum has to be the first item you apply. If your skin is very dry and you’re looking to repair it quickly, layer a moisturizer right on top. Your moisturizer will seal it in and provide it with moisture to hold on to.

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