Herbal Serum

Biocos is offering Herbal Serum and this serum is undoubtedly a multi-tasking serum for the face and body. It contains a variety of herbs and essential oils infused into the oil. When exposed to frequent hand washing and/or disinfectants, our skin goes through a lot and we need something to help it return to its normal healthy state. Also, in times of great stress and anxiety, the skin can react in various atypical ways and needs help to balance and protect itself. A few drops of this serum can help keep your skin healthy and soft. What’s so special about it? Each of the herbs incorporated has its own unique contribution and together they can create a powerful serum.

Refresh your skin with our lightweight gel serum, which is specially formulated to prevent moisture loss. This unique oil-free formula is enriched with ceramides and extracts of ginkgo and ginseng to soften, moisturize and revitalize the skin. This makes it the perfect addition to any skincare regimen that needs a moisture boost to reveal a dewy, radiant complexion.

Use alone or over your favorite moisturizer for added hydration. This hydrating formula absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving your complexion looking radiant and non-greasy.

An antioxidant-rich herbal serum with botanicals that fight skin impurities and balance oil. Tamanu oil and thyme fight bad bacteria that cause acne, while blue chamomile and cactus essential oils reduce inflammation and heal damaged skin. The result is a clear, calm, and hydrated complexion.

Why this serum works

Skin that tends to break out needs moisture too. Here’s the perfect serum for oily skin that both unclogs pores and replenishes much-needed nutrients to keep skin calm, clear, and protected. Green tea, safflower, and grapeseed oils are easily absorbed and help to balance the skin. Pomegranate oil and evening primrose provide anti-aging and skin-improving nutrients for softer, younger-looking skin – the 12+ active botanicals in this herbal infusion provide antioxidants and vitamins to deeply soothe, flush away inflammation and hydrate the skin.

Soothes and hydrates the skin. When used as a skincare product, calendula extract stimulates collagen production and provides hydration to dehydrated skin. Our botanical facial serum moisturizes and helps restore damaged skin cells. Organic chamomile extract supports the skin with acne and breakouts while helping to reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots.

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