Health benefits of cinnamon powder

In the traditional medical world, herbs and natural ingredients are of paramount importance. For the ages, it is the most-trusted method to cure illness with these herbs. Even in this modern world, there are some regions are the world, that are still using these techniques. Thought with the innovations in the medical world, there are more modern ways of treating diseases present, yet in many cases, it is effective to make use of these herbs. Out of the long list of these lists, the one that is making its presence in stores and homes is none other than the cinnamon powder. It is a golden or brownish yellow color powder available in the market, packed in many styles. It has made special status in the category of herbs, as it is not only used for medical purposes, but also for eating.

Composition of this powder

Cinnamon is generally derived from the barks of tropical and evergreen trees. It is being classified into two main categories, one is Ceylon and the other one is Cassia. The most common among these two is the latter one, while the former one generally founds in mostly Sri Lanka. That is why Ceylon is not so common. Cinnamon powder can be found in many forms, and it is generally considered that Ceylon is the real cinnamon, however the debate on this continuing till this moment.

Benefits of cinnamon

It is such an ingredient that is being used for multi-purposes. It makes the food more spicy and tasty which is why in every South Asia house, one must find this. It is considered one of the most important spices in many regions. As it contains a large amount of cinnamaldehyde that is why it is the source of fragrance and taste in food.

Besides, the food advantages, there are several other benefits associated with this. It is considered a natural anti-oxidants, which is why it proves a great choice against body oxidation by free radicals. It also serves as an anti-inflammatory powder, that is why when someone gets skin burn, must apply this on the damaged part of the body. It will surely make the situation better. The regular intake of this in any form will prevent the chances of a heart attack. This is done by reducing the bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.  This is also proving very effective against diabetes, it helps in maintaining the natural insulin level in the body.

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