Dark Chocolate Brands in Pakistan

If you have friends or loved ones living abroad, you must be familiar with the rush of happiness and excitement that a box of chocolates sent by them brings along. Chocolate is a symbol of love and affection in the global language and is deemed as the perfect present, no matter the occasion. Besides the pleasure of taste, dark chocolate, unlike standard milk chocolate, also has health benefits. Finding brands with exotic products in Pakistan might be a little challenging at times but a little research and information negate the idea of this task is completely impossible. Here are a few brands that have dark chocolate available in Pakistan.

1. Cadbury

Known for decades for its silky smooth chocolates, Cadbury has introduced a variety of dark chocolates as well. Containing 40% cocoa, Cadbury Darkmilk is famous for its rich flavor that is definitely for mature taste buds! There are other varieties to be checked out as well, such as Darkmilk salted caramel, with a mix of sweet, bitter, and salty caramel that bursts on your tongue. Darkmilk roasted almonds are another choice for people who prefer these delights with a nutty touch.

2. Lindt

The centuries-old brand of dark chocolates, Lindt has the most variety of flavors with a range of cocoa percentages. From 70% to 99% cocoa options, this brand truly offers all kinds of flavors for its customers. It is also considered healthy as it contains flavonoids and low sugar content.

3. Ritter sport

Considered a trusted, royal brand, Ritter sport dark chocolates have a lot of popularity amongst chocolate fans, owing to their rich taste and health benefits. A variety of flavors added to the bittersweet essence of dark chocolate are offered by this brand as well, such as 50% cocoa almond orange and dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts for crunch and flavor.

4. Tesco dark chocolates

Another brand famous for the delivery of quality and taste is Tesco with its range of dark chocolates spread across shelves. Affordable and rich in flavor, this brand truly serves the best to chocolate fans. Tesco’s classic 74% dark chocolate has a strong bitter taste, somehow still preserving the lightly sweet taste of chocolate. However, offering stronger flavor and a more silky touch, Tesco’s intense dark chocolate is surely an upgrade.

5. Godiva

Perfect for gift boxes, Godiva is an imported brand available in Pakistan with undoubtedly the best dark chocolates available. Almond, mint, strawberry –whichever flavor you name, you will find under this brand.

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