Charcoal Masks to Remove Impurities

Skincare is considered a luxury and something only elites can do, however that is not the case at all. Skincare is the name of removing dirt and dust from your face and preserving its natural components, which is neither expensive nor something unusual. There are many procedures and steps towards skincare, their intensities and types differ according to your skin type and the degree of improvement it needs. There are surgeries, dermatological procedures, laser treatments, creams and serums, and masks. Each of them has a different purpose, procedures, and results but the easiest and reasonable way of clearing up the dust and dirt is a bubble charcoal mask.

The magic of charcoal masks

This mask contains charcoal that absorbs oils and dust, clearing up the skin. Charcoal is also used in the medical industry to absorb poison and charcoal is these masks are altered to increase its absorbency to suck out impurities. Charcoal masks are ideal to deep clean the skin, they cleanse the skin more than a cleanser and absorb black and white heads with no pain caused. These masks are often mixed with clay to increase its absorbency, this process removes excess oil from every drop hence is ideal for people with oily skin. However, people with dry skin should avoid using masks with high absorbency as it can remove all of the oil from the skin and our skin needs some amount of oil to keep it hydrated. 

Moreover, these masks deep clean the pores completely and minimize their size to almost zero. Closed pores lead up to clear skin as dust does not enter the skin and prevents it from breakouts. These masks are mostly made up of charcoal, clay mud, and carbonated water to construct its tendency. The carbonated water is added to form bubbles and you can massage your skin softly to remove even further dust particles. These masks are easy to avail and easy to use, they come in cream form in boxes, tubes, or packets which can be applied evenly on the skin using a brush. These masks are ideal for the whole face except for the eyes and mouth.

Best store to avail skincare products

You can find these charcoal masks from BIOCOSPK. It is a skincare and pampering store that provides products best for your skin. It was originated as a small store in Gujranwala and its warehouse is set up in Lahore. They offer a range of skincare creams, serums, and masks. Their products are available in stores all over Pakistan and can be accessed online. This company is registered hence is reliable and provides top quality products at reasonable prices. Their quality and customer service can be accessed by their wide customer platform. They provide charcoal masks in pouches at reasonable prices hence making your skincare routine reasonable. Check out their online store or visit any nearest store to avail of these charcoal masks.

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