Biocos Hand and Feet Whitening Scrub

Many different and famous brands of skincare products are available within the market but Biocos Hand and Feet Whitening Scrub are carrying the laboratory-tested ingredients at a fantastic discounted price. Among the various sorts of skincare products, this is often our best-selling product. This product is formulated with a whitening cream with fruit extracts. it’s a singular preparation with multiple actions.

It blurs facial hair evenly together with your skin tone, while the fruit extracts give your skin a natural glow. Suitable for all skin types. Especially for blemished or spot-prone skin. Overall, we also are successful within the local market also as within the international market.

It is recommended to use a little amount to wet hands and feet, massaging in circular motions. Rinse your hands and feet thoroughly then apply a moisturizer. It helps to get rid of calluses and rough, dry skin and deeply cleanses and deodorizes it to offer it a smooth, radiant appearance. This scrub is exclusive and equally suitable for all skin types.

Biocos Hand and Feet Whitening Scrub are effective to get rid of the tan and dirt from your hands and feet in a proper manner and acts as an honest pedicure. It helps to scale back callus production. Clinical results show that this scrub helps to tone and repair your dead skin by removing dry skin and flakes around the nails. trying to find an excellent search for your hands and feet? do this amazing product to ascertain new hands and feet. there’ll be less foot pain if you massage your feet twice every week with this scrub because of its miraculous formulation.

This is our greatest formulated and result-oriented Hand and Foot Whitening Scrub, also as various sorts of skincare products, one among our best-selling products, is that the whitening hand and foot scrub with glycerin and whitening ingredients. it’s a singular blend with multiple actions to make sure the simplest results are guaranteed. Suitable for all skin types. Especially for rough and dry skin.

The application is extremely simple: simply wash your feet or hands and soak them in warm water for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Take a little amount of Biocos Hand and feet Whitening Scrub, apply it to your hands or feet and massage the scrub into your feet or hands during a circular motion for a couple of minutes. consider areas like the toes, heels, soles, and dark knuckles of the hands.

Rinse the scrub thoroughly with water and gently massage your feet or hands with a foot or cream to nourish them. This scrub is equally beneficial for both hands and feet, leaving you feeling and searching soft, clean, and radiant. you’re strongly encouraged to shop for this enchanting product locally and internationally at a reasonable price.

We have done our greatest to supply you with satiny, super soft, and delightful hands and feet with our scrub. This amazing hand and foot scrub are designed with deep exfoliating granules that remove rough, dry areas, improve blood circulation and make hands and feet softer, radiant, and glowing.

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