Best Cream for Hand and Feet in Pakistan

What is a hand and foot cream? These are creams that care for and protect damaged, dry and uneven skin. We would like the hand and foot cream to nourish our skin, otherwise, it will remain dry. Some hand and foot creams are also whitening. Biocos has launched the simplest hand and foot cream in Pakistan. It is purely designed for glowing hands and is formulated with natural elements and fresh fragrances.

They are made with jojoba, sunflower, and avocado oils to moisturize your skin, and some contain burnt plant juice for extra hydration. They also contain chamomile, comfrey, calendula, orange, and elderflower to support skin health. A number of them have a special addition of goat’s milk for skin whitening.

We can use the foot cream available and the cream on the feet they are only going to provide us with moisturizer and make the skin glow and be healthy. The only difference between them is the hand creams tend to dry before the foot creams, and the foot creams are thicker because the soles on your feet have very skin compared to the rest of your body.

You can also use these creams on your face unless they severely affect your skin. The easiest application of the creams is at night while you are resting, so the cream particles penetrate your body and make it moisturized.

Our hands and feet need maximum attention and care like the skin on our face. Many people tend to ignore the fact that the hands are an indicator of age because the first signs of aging appear on the hands long before the skin on the face. It is important to use moisturizers regularly on your hands and feet and make them a part of your daily skincare regimen. If you are trying to find one, check out our best hand and foot creams in Pakistan.

Many want to use separate creams and moisturizers for hands and feet, but what could be more convenient than having a 2-in-1 product that serves both purposes.

Whitening creams for hands and feet

Those who would like to use whitening and brightening creams for their hands and feet separately can now use 2-in-1 products or separate products:

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