Bubble Charcoal Mask

Benefits of Bubble Charcoal Mask

Charcoal Masks are gaining immense popularity with the advancing world. The product is synthesized by combining the core ingredient charcoal with various other constituents. The core aim of the mask is to rejuvenate the facial skin rendering a fresh feel to it. The chief purpose of this mask is to eliminate toxins from the skin. These toxins include an array of materials but are characterized by excessive or abnormal oil production. In short, the type of skin guides the usage of this mask. It does so by limiting the secretions of oil by the sebaceous glands on the facial skin. Hence, it works wonders on oily skin. The main skin types include oily, combination, and normal.   

The mask is a culmination of various ingredients that render their effect to it.  These components include:

 Activated Charcoal

The chief ingredient, charcoal offers a multitude of rich detoxifications to the skin. It is linked with the brightening of the skin as it extracts impurities accumulated on it. In addition to reducing dullness, it reduces the appearance of blemishes upon the skin. This includes blackheads, whiteheads, dark spots, acne, acne marks, and wrinkles, and fine lines. By exfoliating the skin to a deeper level and balancing the sebum levels, the mask works wonders!


Apart from extracting dirt and oil from the skin, the face mask is associated with retaining moisture. This is due to the incorporation of Glycerin as it is a humectant. Thus, it extracts moisture from the deeper skin layers and aids in retaining it. This enhances skin hydration, as the oil diminishing might lead to dryness. In addition to this, it behaves as an emollient too. It does so by softening the skin.

Aqua (water)

Hydration is a significant factor when dealing with skincare. Apart from hydrating and moisturizing the skin, water acts as a unifier. It acts as the medium of unifying the rest of the ingredients within the mask. Thus, the benefits of the rest of the elements are enhanced by using water as a solvent. Apart from this, water is linked to magnifying the elasticity. This gives the skin a fresh and cleaner look. Thus, aqua minimizes the appearance of breakouts and prevents further ones.

  • Olive oil (Olivia husk oil)

Olive oil renders ranging benefits to the skin and thus its minimal use in this mask is perfect for skin. It has antibacterial effects and thus is linked to removing bacteria and other impurities from the skin. Since it is an oil it renders the moisturizing required by the skin. By reducing aging sins, it helps to restore the glass-like look on the skin.

Therefore, introducing BIOCOS’s charcoal mask in your daily routines will have a refreshing effect on your skin.

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